We at Thermanator pride ourselves in being Denver’s leading bed bug specialists. We are passionate about what we do and strive to make every customer’s experience with us the best it can be. But what about Thermanator makes us stand out from the competition? Why should you choose us over another company?

We understand, we care and we’ve been there. In 2016 we started Thermanator because we had the “pleasure” of dealing with bed bugs first hand. They started out in a rental we had and made their way around 2 other homes and we had the hardest time finding a reliable extermination company. Most companies hardly returned phone calls and when they did, they wanted signed contracts for repeated business or wanted to quote the job without even inspecting. We understand the frustration of having to deal with bed bugs on top of your existing busy life. Add an unreliable extermination company to the mix, and that’s an exercise in frustration. That’s when we decided to start Thermanator and become the leaders in bed bug extermination! We are a locally-owned company who want to make sure that everyone receives exceptional service and results while also educating our clients before and after we treat.

Prior to starting Thermanator in 2016, Rich and Marjorie owned a construction company. Rich holds a Class A General Contractors License in most jurisdictions where testing and proof of construction experience is required. With 27 years in commercial and residential construction this gives Thermanator an upper hand on heat treating all types of structures whether it be, single family home, single unit apartment, entire apartment complexes, condos, duplexes, townhomes and all commercial buildings. Knowing each structure is key to a successful treatment as we can track how the bugs are traveling. In addition, we have worked with a mechanical engineer to measure static pressure in different structures to log maximum outcomes for our data. Thermanator is also adding an in-house lab to do our own testing on bed bugs, sharing questions and data with the Entomologist we work with. We are always looking forward while using methods of heat that are already proven to be successful.