Residential Bed Bug Heat Treatment Prices:

We offer a one-year warranty on full-service treatments of single-family homes that are prepared the day of treatment. Our pricing may change once one of our technicians has completed the inspection based on the infestation and/or clutter. Pricing is dependent on the size and condition of the home.

Please call 303-881-2707 and speak to one of our technicians for a quote.

Commercial Bed Bug Heat Treatment Prices:

It would not be possible to provide a quote for apartments and hotels without visiting the location first. We have the capability of treating single rooms up to multi-level buildings with hundreds of rooms. We offer training on all of our commercial treatments for employees and/or residents.

Please call 303-881-2707 to discuss your situation and prepare a plan for treatment.

Bed Bug Heat Treatment Equipment Rental Prices:

PestPro 100 Package (treats up to 400 sq feet): The PestPro 100 Heat Package is perfect for bedbug heat treatments in hotels, motel, and individual room applications! This package includes all of the following:

  • 1 X Eliminator bed bug heater
  • 2 X Aerofast 3700 fans
  • 1 X Temperature gun (Includes all necessary extension cords)

Rate = $250 per day*

*Does not include delivery and pick up fees