Rid Your Home of Bed Bugs With Our Innovative Residential Treatments!

Don’t let bed bugs overrun your house or apartment. Call Thermanator and let our cutting-edge Residential Bed Bug Heat Treatments rid you of beg bugs and the stigma that come with them. We are Denver’s leading bed bug heat treatment specialists, and we are ready to help you with our effective, chemical-free heat treatments.

So How Does Our Bed Bug Heat Treatment Work?

During your Residential Bed Bug Heat Treatment, a team of Thermanator specialists will distribute high levels of heated air throughout your home, slowly raising the heat to the required kill temperature. Using heating technology monitored by infrared thermometers, the heated air will circulate through every area of your home. Your Thermanator exterminator will be on-hand through the whole process, monitoring our coverage area to ensure that all bed bugs are killed in a safe and effective manner. In just one day, your home will be free of bed bugs!

What Makes Our Bed Bug Heat Treatment Different?

At Thermanator, we provide heat treatments to eradicate your beg bugs the first time. Many pest control companies offer hazardous chemical spray applications which are temporary and don’t always kill the eggs. Eggs can hatch up to 10 days after the female bug is dead. It takes more than a chemical application to help ensure eggs are eradicated as well.

That’s not the case with Thermanator. We specialize in one thing and we do it well.

Our innovative heat treatment process kills adult bed bugs as well as eggs, preventing future outbreaks or dormant bugs. With our residential bed bug heat treatments, you’ll be provided:

  • A safe, effective strategy that eradicates bed bugs throughout your home, right away.
  • A chemical-free solution that keeps your pets and furniture safe.
  • Complete confidence that your bed bugs have been terminated for good.
  • And a one-year satisfaction guarantee!

Learn More About Our Residential Bed Bug Heat Treatments Today!

Don’t let your battle with bed bugs drag on for years and years. Let us handle it once and for all. To learn more about our Denver-area bed bug heat treatments, or to speak with a Thermanator technician about your unique situation, simply fill out the short form below or give us a call at 303-717-1617.